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With Aluminum coatings and finishes from POLY-METAL FINISHING INC. in Springfield, Massachusetts, you can protect the Aluminum Alloy surfaces of your aerospace, military and commercial product(s). From pre-bonding applications to anodic coatings, let PMF service your needs.

Specializing in Poly-Lube

In 1964, our founder developed a unique Poly-Lube process to enhance the properties of aluminum alloys. Poly-Lube is more than a metal Teflon™ coating or finish. It actually becomes an integral part of the coating.

The metal's new surface is self-curing and self-lubricating with low friction, high corrosion resistance, and dielectric properties superior to hard coat anodizing. Additionally, this metal coating adds to the life of your aluminum parts dramatically, as it controls rust and the oxidation process.

Poly Lube

Poly-Lube   Utilizes AMS / MIL Specifications & Individual Customer Specifications

• AMS2482 • MIL-A-63576 • SVHS5031 • F50TF7


Poly-Lube processing can only be applied to aluminum alloys. Although most aluminum alloys can be processed, those with a low copper content (less than 3.5%) and a low silicon content (less than 5%) are recommended.

We've found the best results occur on 6061, 2024, and 7075 wrought alloys, 355 and 356 cast alloys.


Special Processes

• Hard Coat Anodize 
Pre-Bond Coatings:  Phosphoric Acid Anodize - Chromic Acid Anodize, FPL Etch.
Pre-Bond Primers - BR-127, BR-154 BR-6747-1 EA-9258.1 EC-3917,EC-1945, EC-3924-B, utilizing the specifications BPS4352 prior to BPS4458, HP4-35, HP4-57, HP4-100, ASTM-D-3933, ASTM-D-2651, SS8752, SS8482, SS8442, SS8778, SS8603

Additional Processes

• Color Anodizing
• Types  1,2,3 
• Sulfuric Anodizing
• Thin Sulfuric Anodizing 
• Black Chromic Anodizing
•  FPL Etch 
• Chemical Conversions Coat



Our extensive masking capabilities have also made PMF a Globally-Known Company.


Dissimilar Materials

Aluminum parts, which have dissimilar materials installed in them such, as steel helicoils, bushings, and dowel pins should not be installed prior to processing. Our professionals also offer intricate masking using the best available techniques, but this type of processing can only be done at your risk. 

Contact P M F in Springfield, Massachusetts, to begin the Poly-Metal Finishing experience.

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